AWS Certified Developer Associate – Associate Level by The Interface Pvt. Ltd.

Training Program

Delivery Method: Instructor-Lead/Online – Trainer from The Interface Pvt Ltd (35-45 Hours)

Broader Contents:

  • Covers all the objectives needed to develop application with Amazon Web Services
  • Learn to develop, deploy and troubleshoot cloud-based applications using AWS
  • Get ready to take the AWS Developer Associate Certification exam, besides also gain practical, hands-on skills for successfully developing with AWS
  • Gain total confidence and experience with all of the major services in AWS
  • Be Interview ready for AWS Cloud skills and Get AWS

There are no prerequisites for this examination besides a general understanding of applications and programming concepts at high level/basic level

AWS is the trusted cloud infrastructure platform worldwide. We will be Covering all the major AWS Services as mentioned below based on exam criteria’s


AWS Services to be covered :

  • Introduction and History of AWS
  • AWS Infrastructure: Compute EC2, Elastic laod balancer, Storage S3
  • Route 53
  • RDS, Multi AZ, Read Replicas, Elasticache
  • Serverless Computing
  • DynamoDB
  • KMS and Encryption on AWS
  • Other Application Services
  • Cloudformation
  • AWS Security, Identify, and Access Management
  • AWS Management Tools
  • AWS Application Services

Other Topics that will be covered during the course of studies

  • Core AWS Knowledge
  • Core AWS Services
  • Designing your Environment
  • Making Your Environment Highly Available
  • Auto Scaling, DNS Route 53
  • Build a new environment
  • Troubleshooting Your Environment

AWS Certification Exam Readiness Workshop Certified Developer Associate Level

  • Testing Centre Information and Expectations
  • Exam Overview and Structure
  • Content Domains and Question Breakdown
  • Topics and Concepts with Content Domains
  • Question Structure and Interpretation Techniques
  • Post class – Practice Exam